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Flex-Guard FPE

953 Series | Flex-Guard FPE

Flame retardant braided PET monofilament sleeving

  • Halogen free
  • Demonstrates excellent chemical and fungus resistance
  • Provides good mechanical properties with additional coverage
  • Resistance to abrasion and cut-through make it ideal for many industrial and electrical applications.
  • Excellent chemical resistance permits its use in harsh fluid environments
  • Passes most tests for low flammability, limited flame travel and self-extinguishing requirements
  • Open weave construction allows expansion above or below original diameter
  • Easy to apply and slip on quickly over irregular shapes
  • Good flexibility at low temperatures allowing easy flexing in any direction
  • Can neatly capture a number of different sized items within one length
  • Most commonly used over wires, wire bundles and harnesses, cable assemblies, flat ribbon cable, tubing and hoses where it provides a tough, durable protection
  • Open weave construction allows for complete drainage, prevents condensation and provides for dissipation of heat and moisture
  • Ideal for application in machine tools, automatic equipment and robotics where wires and tubes are often required to flex freely during operating cycles
  • Suitable for exposure to all weather conditions.
(Nominal I.D.)
Size Range
Approx. Weight
(LBS/1000 ft.)
Standard Spool put-up
1/8"3/32"—1/4"1.91000 ft.
1/4"1/8"—3/8"2.81000 ft.
1/4" 3-ends1/8"—3/8"3.91000 ft.
3/8"1/4"—5/8"6.0500 ft.
1/2"3/8"—3/4"7.5500 ft.
3/4"1/2"—1-1/4"12.5250 ft.
1"5/8"—1-1/2"14.0250 ft.
1-1/4"7/8"—1-3/4"15.9250 ft.
1-1/2"1"—2"19.6250 ft.
1-3/4"1-1/4"—2-3/4"26.4250 ft.
2"1-1/2"—3-1/2"34.0200 ft.
2-1/2"1-3/4"—3-3/4"40.0100 ft.
3"1-7/8"—4-1/2"44.0100 ft.

The information provided above represents average values and is believed to be reliable. Alta Technologies, Inc buy viagra online. makes no warranties as to its accuracy and disclaims any liability in connection with its use cialis cheap. It is provided for general use only and should not be incorporated into any specific specifications.

Property Test Method Performance
Tensile Strength ASTM D-876 55,000 psi
Elongation ASTM D-876 25%
Specific Gravity ASTM D-876 1.31
Moisture Absorption (24 Hours) ASTM D-570 0.08%
Shrinkage @ 180°C   4.2%
Max. Operating Temperature UL 224 125° C
Melt Temperature ASTM D-2117 240° C
Low Temperature Flexibility MIL I 23053-E -70° C
Flexural Modulus (10³ psi @ 73° F) ASTM D-790 410
Fungus Resistance MIL STD 810 (508) No Growth
Copper Corrosivity MIL I 23053 No Effect

Testing verifies that there is virtually no effect on the tensile strength or elongation of FLEX-GUARD FPE when exposed to the following fluids: Cleaning Fluid, De-icing Fluid, Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Hydraulic Fluid, Lubricating Oil, Salt Water and Solvents.

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