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974 Series | NYMAX

Nylon 6 multifilament yarn braided sleeving

  • Good resistance to acids in weak concentrations and most alkalies
  • Generally unaffected by organic solvents
  • Nylon is considered to be water repellant, but is actually hygroscopic and will absorb up to 2% moisture content at normal humidity making it more flexible
  • Resistance to abrasion and cut-through make it ideal for many industrial and electrical applications.
  • Most commonly used over wires, wire bundles and harnesses, cable assemblies, tubing and hoses where it provides a tough, durable protection
  • Tight weave construction prevents penetration by foreign objects while maintaining excellent flexibility
  • Can be used in marine applications because it is not attacked by mildew
  • Commonly used as a sleeve over filter tubes in certain chemical and water filtration units
  • Can be used as a base fabric and coated for electrical applications or as a reinforcing fabric in composite construction
Size (Nominal I.D.) Approx. Weight (LBS/1000 ft.) Standard Spool put-up
1/8"3.81000 ft.
3/16"5.71000 ft.
1/4"8.9500 ft.
5/16"9.9500 ft.
3/8"10.9500 ft.
1/2"21.3250 ft.
5/8"18.5250 ft.
3/4"31.5250 ft.
7/8"43.5100 ft.
1"51.5100 ft.
1-1/4"47.6100 ft.
1-1/2"64.5100 ft.
2"90.0100 ft.
2-1/2"103.0100 ft.
3"110.0100 ft.
4"120.0100 ft.

The information provided above represents average values and is believed to be reliable. Alta Technologies, Inc. makes no warranties as to its accuracy and disclaims any liability in connection with its use buy viagra online. It is provided for general use only and should not be incorporated into any specific specifications.

Property Test Method Performance
Tensile Strength ASTM D-876 80,000 psi
Specific Gravity ASTM D-876 1.14
Dielectric Constant
@1000 Hz, 18% RH & 70°F
Moisture Absorption (24 Hours) ASTM D-570 0.04%
Melt Temperature ASTM D-2117 250° C
Sleeving Specification MIL-S-47053 / AA-59301A  

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