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Alta-Glas P

975 Series | Alta-Glas P

Heat treated and impregnated Fiberglas sleeving

  • Designed specifically for applications where temperatures as high as 500°C may be encountered
  • Impregnation minimizes fraying
  • Maintains a round cross-section
  • Expands slightly providing some ease of installation
  • Flexibility allows for formation over tight radii in relatively close spacing
  • Available in standard wall thickness and can be made with a heavier wall for applications calling for ultimate protection
  • Often used over wires as durable, high temperature protection
  • Can be used as primary insulation over low voltage applications such as leads on some appliances and secondary insulation over primary extruded plastic and rubber insulated wire
  • Can be used as a high temperature gasketing material
Common Sizes I.D. Nominal Inch (mm) Standard Spool put-up
10.106 (2.69)1000 ft.
9.118 (2.99)1000 ft.
8.133 (3.38)1000 ft.
7.148 (3.76)1000 ft.
6.166 (4.22)500 ft.
5.186 (4.72)500 ft.
4.208 (5.28)500 ft.
3.234 (5.94)500 ft.
2.263 (6.68)500 ft.
1.294 (7.47)500 ft.
0.330 (8.38)250 ft.
3/8.375 (9.52)250 ft.
1/2.500 (12.70)100 ft.
5/8.625 (15.87)100 ft.

The information provided above represents average values and is believed to be reliable. Alta Technologies, Inc. makes no warranties as to its accuracy and disclaims any liability in connection with its use. It is provided for general use only and should not be incorporated into any specific specifications.

Property Performance
Tensile Strength @ 72°F500,000 psi
Tensile Strength @ 700°F380,000 psi
Specific Gravity2.54
Expansion Coefficient per °F2.8 x 10-6
Specific Heat @ 72°F0.197
Flammability (UL 224)VW-1
Operating Temp.930°F

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